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Epifunny is proud to announce that we are in development of our first untitled feature film!

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Epifunny Productions is the brainchild of William H. Hoffman, Jr., created on March 12, 2007 to entertain the masses with comedy, wit, and satire; through the big and small screen.

Known as “The Billy”, he terrorized his friends with his outrageous stunts and shenanigans, always trying to bring a smile to someone’s face.

His writing career started at the ripe age of 9 in Mr. Kicklighter’s homeroom.  Billy’s first opus came about through the tunes of Kicklighter’s synthesizer.  He would have the students close their eyes and write what they imagined to the music that Kicklighter played.  Thus, “The Otherside”, a fantasy story for a cartoon was born and another writer emerged into the world.

Billy’s journey into writing continued through high school into college, where he realized his dream.  He was asked to write and direct two PSA’s for the anti-smoking campaign on campus.  Being on set and seeing his scripts come to fruition made Billy realize this is what he wanted to do.

So Billy, at 24, packed a moving truck, had $3,000 in his pocket, and hustled his way across the US, from Maryland to Los Angeles, but where to go from there?  His discovery of Long Beach came about through the typical and unique Billy style.  He closed his eyes and pointed at his map; lo and behold the LBC became his new home.  What up, Snoop Dogg?! After a short time of acclimating to life in LA, Billy established Epifunny Productions as a vehicle for adapting his screenplays into film.

Epifunny's first venture, a short film titled Breaking Bread, wrapped production in 2010 and premiered at the 2011 International LA Shortsfest on July 24th. To stir things up at the festival, Billy asked three nuns to escort the cast and crew into the theater for their premiere. The short opened to a sold out audience and then, the laughter ensued.

2011 LA Shortsfest

Six months later, Epifunny was honored to premiere Breaking Bread in Parks City, Utah at the 2012 OCCUPY Sundance Film Festival. Of the 11,700 films submitted this year to Sundance, 180 were accepted, equaling only one percent. Breaking Bread was part of the 99 percent!

With more projects on the horizon, Epifunny is excited to make more people laugh. Stay tuned to see what's next!