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Epifunny is proud to announce that we are in development of our first untitled feature film!

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White Widow

Uh-oh! Somebody's coming out with a new fragrance in this new commercial parody. Sister Mary Blaze embodies a great icon, showing the world her new organic scent, White Widow.

Breaking Bread

Official selection of the 2011 International LA Shorts Festival and the 2012 OCCUPY
Sundance Film Festival

2011 International LA Shorts Festival2012 OCCUPY Sundance Film Festival

Breaking Bread is a short film based on a character from an upcoming stoner franchise written by William H Hoffman Jr. This political satire will have you roaring with laughter and leave you craving for more. When’s the last time you broke bread with someone?

Meet the cast members.


(Cheryl Wallace)

 Born in Europe and raised in Hollywood, Valerie was discovered at the age of sixteen by a 20th Century Fox casting agent. She was featured on television in thirteen episodes of "The Monkees", Kitty in "Batman" and Made-For-Television-Movies "Shadow Over The Land" and "Vanishing Point" directed by Academy Award winner, Richard Sarafian. She also appeared in films such as "Head", "Easy Rider" and "Vanishing Point" alongside such notables as Jack Nicholson, Barry Newman, and Dennis Hopper.


(Clarence Wallace)

 Born in Germany while his father was stationed there, Josh first started acting at the age of six. When the family settled in Hollywood, he caught the eyes of the Jack Wormser Agency. Josh was part of a group of talented young actors in the 1970’s Tiger Beat era. He acted in national commercials, various TV shows including "Gunsmoke," "The Young & The Restless," "Code Red" and six segments of "Lassie." "Gunsmokes – Murray Christmas" episode still airs every year during the holiday season. Two of Josh’s biggest roles were as Robert Redford's adopted son, Caleb, in "The Saga of Jeremiah Johnson" and the role of Tom in "Tom Sawyer," Universal's movie version for television, for which he received a recognition award from the then mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Yorty.


(The Nun)

 Born in Kansas. She traveled the world throughout her early childhood with her Military Father and Actress/War Bride Mother. Her career began in New York with simple print modeling and a student film. Starting with Beauty Pageants and Photo days she soon found a niche in the California Mart modeling after school and evenings. She won a scholarship to Desilu Workshop to study acting and was soon one of Bernie Sandler’s young working actors landing commercials “Dippity Doo”, “Holsum Bread” and small bit parts “Mannix”, Elvis Presley’s “Spinout”. After a season as one of the regulars on the “Monkees” and “Sisters of Death”, She married a Studio Exec and settled down to have a family.

Kevin Kelly

(Voice of Governor Whitehead & Jeb Dunn)

 A member of the Actor's Studio, Kevin is veteran actor of stage "Biloxi Blues", "Orphans", television, "The Red Criminal", "Another World" and Indy films such as "Running Out of Time in Hollywood". Kevin is also a prolific playwright having plays produced in NYC, LA, & West Berlin & a singer/songwriter performing his CD's on both coasts from CBGB's to The Whiskey A Go Go.